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We pick up in consignment and sell all types of guitars including classical guitars / acoustic / electro-acoustic / electric.

Amps & Effects Pedals

We resume in consignment and sell for you guitar amps / basses and pedals effects for electric guitar.

Bass Guitars

We also take on for sale all types of used bass.

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Condition Guide

The following chart will help you describe your gear's condition as accurately as possible. There are also picture examples that will give proximate indications of types of wear and damage you can expect for each state.

Download our General Conditions of Sale here .

New / As New

NEW – Never played or used and in perfect working condition – All the original packaging still available, as well as its original case or gig-bag.

AS NEW + – As new with some very light signs of wear such as on the scratchplate and in perfect working condition. Original packaging and case/gig-bag included. 95-100% condition.

AS NEW – Same as above but with packaging or case/gig-bag missing.


Excellent + -In perfect working condition, the frets have no wear at all, the amp valves are as new. The instrument can have some light scratches but no dings, 90/95%. The case or gig-bag is also in perfect condition.

Excellent -Same as above but with slightly more scratches, 85%-90%, the gig-bag or case has some wear or is missing.


Good condition +: Signs of wear such as a few scratches, some dings, some scratch marks, metal parts slightly corroded, but in perfect working condition. 70%-85% with gig-bag/case and/or with packaging.

Good condition: Same as above but with out a case or gig-bag or packaging.


Medium condition +: A lot of signs of wear, big scratches, dings, marks, metal parts corroded. In good working condition. With gig-bag or case.

Medium condition: Same as above but with a worn or missing gig-bag or case.


Bad condition- Lot’s of wear, bad working condition, broken/damaged.

Selling is now easier than ever

Benefit from our experience and our international networks, we'll sell your instrument for you.

Nothing to loose

You can retrieve your instrument or modify your ad at any time you like.

Competitive Fees

Our fees are 10% on the price of the sale for any instrument over 200€ and 15% for any instrument under 200€

The safe way

Harry Guitars is entirely responsible for your instrument and for the sale. Enjoy a truly professional service

An Effective Sale

Thanks to our regional, French and international networks, your instrument will have hundreds of viewings each day

A quick sale

Your instrument will have a dedicated listing on with description in French and English including HD photos, the possibility of direct purchase. We are able to sell very quickly!

We take care of the entire sale

We prepare and clean your instrument. We take care of communication, making appointments, shipments, packaging ... etc.

Sell remotely

Sell from wherever you are, send us your instrument and we'll take care of the rest. Contact us for advice on packaging.

«I've bought and sold many guitars through harryguitars and they have always listened to my needs, have given me good advice, and have been very efficient. I definitely recommend trying out harryguitars.»

- Jacques Sorijean